M-Industry is one of the largest own-brand producers in the world and part of the Swiss Migros Group – and this was the company’s launch into the U.S. market. M-Industry USA offers their customers a vast array of products and unlimited options in the food and non-food categories. The launch of the new North America company included a tri-fold pocket folder, a corporate brochure, two-sided inserts of various product categories, and chocolate gift boxes. In addition, a new website was created that works independently from its European corporate site.

M-Industry is a subsidiary of the Swiss Micros Group and one of the biggest own-brand producers in the world.

Chocolate gift boxes sent to current and prospective clients.

Tri-fold folder with a center pocket for product inserts, a slot for the company’s brochure, and a brief history of the company’s 90-year-old Swiss heritage.

Two-sided, 8”x10" inserts of product categories including: cheese, bakery goods, coffee, and chocolate.

Corporate brochure with key (and historical) information about the company’s development, production, and marketing of its private label store brands.

Desktop and mobile website supporting the company’s launch in North America.

M+Industry Launch

Creative direction and design
Print, promo, and digital